FECOFA presents Colombia National American Football Team


It’s time! After several months of planning and hard work, the Colombian Federation of American Football (FECOFA) and the head coach Renzo Devia are honored to present to the whole world a project that all the fans have been waiting for a long time: The Colombian National American Football Team.

“American football is growing very fast in our country. It’s the right time to start this project, which was born with the idea of unifying us. We are trying to leave the differences aside, so we can show to the world that we can compete against other countries”, explains Devia.

After nine years of constant growth, ten teams are part of the Colombian Federation, with hundreds of registered players that will have the opportunity to fight for a place in the National Team.

“Unity makes strength” is the motto that FECOFA and Devia have chosen as the flag of a project that will grow during the next months. In fact, the coach will make a national tour in October, starting in this way the tryouts with the players who were pre-selected by the head coach of each team. The main objective of the tour is to organize the roster, which will consist of a total of 40 players between the ages of 18 and 40.

“It’s very possible that, may not be ready athletically. We are under sized and slower than much other countries. But we have heart and will find the way to win. Colombians have a lot of passion, as do women who play flag. When you have that love, you can win”, adds Devia.

Just as the call is open to find the best players in the country, it also includes coaches that want to be part of the coaching staff that accompanies Devia in the direction of the Colombian National Team. It’s expected to find a coach for each position (for example, one for special teams and one for defensive coordination).

Regarding the roster, the final list of players (40) is expected to be ready by March 2018, month in which they will begin the National Team’s training camps. Ideally, the 40 players are currently practicing the sport actively. 34 of them will play rotating different positions in the field, and the other six will be substitutes, in case of any injury.

When Devia was asked about the way he sees Colombian National Team’s initiative for the next few years, he described this development as a long process. “The idea is to have the established team in a year and start playing friendly matches. I’d like to bring teams from the United States or Mexico, but we’ll see. Then, in a second year, we want to talk with the IFAF (International Federation of American Football). Researching competitions with countries like Chile, Argentina or Brazil. And then, America, in order to measure our level against North American teams, maybe in three or four years”, he adds.

The project of the Colombia National American Football Team looks for unity. Teams, players, coaches and fans are seen as a single part, with the main objective of competing internationally and exposing the growth, quality and seriousness of one of the most important and popular sports around the world in our country.