Colombian National Tournament of American Football 2017


Each year the competition becomes more tough and interesting. In this new edition, eight teams from different cities of the country, fight to lift the tenth trophy in the tournament’s history.

Bogotá has three teams, Búhos, Pumas and Carneros. For Medellín are Lobos, Raptors and Hunters, while Titanes, from Cali, and Toros, from Manizales, complete the list of teams.

The tournament is divided into two conferences, Center and Caribbean. During this phase, eight teams (four per conference) face each other, completing a schedule of six games, to find a place in the playoffs.

Conferencia Centro

Conferencia Caribe

These matches are played under the format of “interconference games” (in a draw established by the Federation in July), in which the teams have to travel, maximum, two times away from home during the whole phase.

Finally, the first two teams of each conference face in a series of playoffs (1st against 2nd) to determinate the champion of the conference and the teams that will play the final match, on December.

The current champions of the National Tournament are Hunters (Medellín), winning their fourth consecutive championship, extending their hegemony and leading, with this number of titles, the historic record of Colombian American Football, followed by Pumas with three tittles -the last one in 2012- and Lobos with two –being two-time champions in 2009 and 2010-.

It’s important to remind the fans that the National Tournament is played in accordance with the rules imposed by the NCAA (United States National University Athletic Association), responsible of American College Football.